Tips for great pictures

Tips for great pictures.

Keypoints for suitable pictures in order to create a great, hilarious and comical caricature.

  • Amount of pictures: one good picture can be sufficient, though we recommend sending a few more!

  • Technical requirements: bright, high resolution, colour pictures that include the entire face, hair line, hair colour and eye colour. Ideally these pictures are close-ups taken from a face-to-face perspective ('en face') or a sideways perspective ('en profil'). Black and white pictures should only be used to supplement the colour pictures.

  • Facial expressions: pictures showing a neutral facial expression are fine (e.g. a passport photo). However, pictures in which the subject smiles or laughs are preferred. Pictures in which the subject pulls funny faces are not recommended unless the request is to reflect this in the caricature.

  • Sending pictures: the preferred format is high resolution JPEG. Pictures less than 100 kB are often unusable. In case the total amount of pictures surpasses 25 MB we kindly ask to share them via 'wetransfer' or 'Dropbox'.



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