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Foto: Bert Beelen 2004
family de Wilt, VOF karikaturen-online

VOF Karikaturen-Online was founded in 2004 by drawer Drew and the de Wilt family

Everyone within the family has their own role, from website management to PR, administration to multi-lingual communication. We are now able to communicate with our customers in many different languages: Spanish, English, German, Swedish and French! Karikaturen-online started off offering merely black and white pencil drawings for the Dutch market. Our company has grown and diversified ever since. These days we can offer a complete caricature shop, speed drawing on location, workshops and caricatures of famous people for newspapers, magazines and social media, with requests from all over Europe. Together as a family we guarantee a great product and an excellent service. Drew is known from his column in The Gelderlander (Dutch newspaper), many publications in different magazines, Rembrandt square in Amsterdam and as a speed drawer at all kinds of parties and events. Besides being a drawer, Drew is and has been a GP for many years. He uses his extensive knowledge about people to create gripping caricatures. As a speed drawer he specialises in drawing children, women, elderly people, duos, trios and groups. His caricatures are an ideal mix between humour, appearance, and resemblance. The drawings highlight the funny, personal, and beautiful traits of us as people. Drew is a member of En Profil , the Dutch partnership of professional portrait artists.




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